Potential Rule Changes for College Football

Kony Ealy, Clint Chelf

The NCAA football rules committee has proposed two fairly significant rules changes. One of the new rules would flag teams with a delay of game penalty when they play too quickly.

One proposal, to mandate a 10-second window to allow defensive substitution before offenses can snap the ball, is likely to be controversial and appeared to take several high-profile coaches by surprise Wednesday.

Offenses would not be able to snap the ball before the 40-second play clock hit 29 seconds.

Currently, defenses can substitute only when offenses do. The proposal would allow offenses to snap the ball within the first 10 seconds only during the final two minutes of each half. If an offense snapped the ball too early, it would be penalized 5 yards for delay of game.

They also proposed something else that many fans and coaches have been waiting for– eliminating the 15-yard penalty on targeting calls that have been overturned by replay review.

Instituted last year, the targeting rule stipulated mandatory ejection for the offending player. Though the player could be reinstated if a replay review determined targeting was the incorrect call, the 15-yard penalty was still marked off.

Both proposals must be approved by the NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel, which is scheduled to consider them March 6. If approved, they could take effect for the 2014 season.

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