Northwestern Union Voting Date Set

In just about three weeks, it will be easier to understand exactly what the future could look like with unions in college sports.

According to College Football Talk, a spokesperson from the National Labor Relations Board confirmed that Northwestern football players are scheduled to vote on forming a union on Friday April 25th.  It was just last week that the NLRB ruled that Northwestern football players do meet the standards under federal guidelines to be represented by a union.

It was a petition that triggered the ruling filed by the National College Players Association on for former Northwestern quarterback Kain Colter and the College Athletes Players Association (CAPA). The NLRB agreed with CAPA’s argument that the football players are considered employees of the university.

More than 70  Northwestern football players are eligible to vote on this.  If a majority of the players vote in favor of a union, CAPA would have the legal right to collectively bargain with the university on the behalf of the players.

However, even if the majority of the players do vote for it, it would likely take years to make its way through the federal court system and ultimately end up in in front of the United States Supreme Court. But, the players seem optimistic, regardless.

This union idea is not anything new. Being paid to play has been a debated topic for years, so the extended time frame of passing this does not deter student athletes from pressing forward to make a change.

For more on this story visit: John Taylor, College Football Talk