Nick Saban Wants to Change NFL Combine

Alabama head coach Nick Saban thinks he knows how to change the NFL Scouting Combine experience. He says he has ideas that would help prevent the growing trend of underclassmen declaring early for the NFL Draft.

He thinks that by making the combine a more exclusive opportunity, young players wouldn’t even get the chance to go to the draft. Another idea Saban has is to allow players to participate in a combine event before they have to declare for the Draft, allowing players to get a feel for where they really stand before making the big decision to go pro or return to school.

In an interview with SiriusFM NFL, Saban says the Combine sometimes makes it worse.

“More guys go down at the combine than go up, because they’re not as fast, and they don’t have a very good feel in comparison to all the other competition in the draft at their position. And when they come to that realization, it’s too late, the way we do it now.”

According to, this year’s NFL Scouting Combine invited 355 players but only 254 players were drafted in the 2013 NFL Draft. This year, a record number of underclassmen declared early for the NFL Draft, with 98 players choosing to skip their senior seasons.

One of the biggest reasons for more players leaving school early is the impact of the most recent collective bargaining agreement set in place in the NFL. Players want to cash in for a longer period of time so they feel the need to start their NFL careers as soon as possible. Some players are actually worthy of the NFL right now, but there are still players who may actually be making the wrong decision to go to pros.

Saban has been pretty outspoken on this subject and he feels pretty strongly about keeping agents away from college football. He thinks that by narrowing the Combine to an exclusive group of players, underclassmen won’t have the chance to declare for the NFL early.

We’re not sure if any of this will happen anytime soon but he makes some good points.

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