Nick Saban Supports Player Compensation


Alabama coach Nick Saban thinks that players deserve a voice. He says that he supports the movement for players to gain more benefits and he’s been very open about these views.

According to’s Michael Casagrande, Saban was involved in a very popular debate.

“I’ve always been an advocate of players’ rights. I’ve always been an advocate of players being compensated the best that we can to help them,” Saban said. “Whatever the NCAA rule is and whatever they decide to do, I’ve always been an advocate of the player and the quality of life that a player has. I think that having a voice in what happens, I think, is something that the players probably ought to have.”

“And I’m really not opposed to that at all. I do think that it’s not what it seems.”

Per,  Saban is very involved in Alabama’s player and career development program to benefits players and their future. But, Saban’s program is considered to be the closest thing to the pros you’ll find at the college level so it’s not all that surprising to hear that Saban is in favor of players having more rights and better compensation.

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