NFL Draft: Zach Mettenberger Healthy for Pro Day


Despite a torn ACL in November, LSU quarterback Zach Mettenberger is feeling healthy enough to participate in all drills at his pro day today, in hopes to show NFL teams that he is completely recovered.

Team trainer Jack Marucci told the NFL Network that they tested Mettenberger’s knee Friday, and it was at 97 percent strength. Marucci also said that Mettenberger is in such great shape that if there were a game this week, he could play.

It has only been three months since his surgery that repaired specific ligaments that provide stability to the knee. It seems that Mettenberger is either a quick healer, his surgeon was the best of the best, or the medical standards to play are not as strict in Baton Rouge.

Regardless, Mettenberger will be in the spotlight today and he will be able to give a better idea to how he’s progressing from a surgery out on the field.

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