NFL Draft: Once Pro Day’s Over, What’s Next?

The Spring may be the offseason for football, but for NFL Draft prospects, the Spring is even more stressful than the actual season. Between the NFL Combine and Pro Days, players are working hard to impress scouts and plan their future as a pro. But after all these events, what happens next?

  • Personal Workouts

NFL talent scouts need plenty of time to watch players workout and in between the scouting combine and pro days, they get the chance to do so. Players get the chance to visit teams and workout  individually so the team can evaluate them closely.

But, the workouts cannot take place at the team’s workout facilities. They must be in a location that members of the coaching staff and player decide on. Some teams even travel to the player just to watch them workout for a little while.

According to Bleacher Report, a former draft prospect was visited by Andy Reid of the Philadelphia Eagles. Reid flew to Long Beach, California just to watch the player workout for 15 minutes.

  • Exclusive Visits

These private visits can be filled with many different activities and meetings. Each NFL team is allowed 30 predraft visits. Sometimes they are meant to watch film or test the prospect’s knowledge of football.

An interesting fact to remember is that just because a player was not at the Combine, doesn’t mean he won’t be drafted. Teams can bring these players in for a private visit to learn more about them and see if they are interested in their talents.

General Managers and coaches are always looking for the best players that are available so they want to spend as much time with them as possible. Sometimes, they test the player in a public environment to see how they treat strangers, to get a feel for their character.

  • Waiting Period

This is the fun part. Okay, not so much…But, while players wait for the big day in May, they get some time to relax before they start workouts with their new team. Obviously, they can’t get lazy and just wait around for their future to be handed to them, but this waiting period is essential to allow for their bodies to rest.

As a potential pro player, I’m not sure how much relaxing you can do when you are stressed and worried about where you will end up. Some players enjoy this time, while others don’t have the patience and just want to fast forward to the big day.

Whether these draft prospects are working out in front of coaches or getting massages to calm down, it’s an intense time for all involved. May 8th can’t come soon enough.

Here is April’s Pro Day Schedule:

April 1
Utah State

April 2
North Texas
South Carolina

April 3
Florida International
Miami (Fla.)

April 4
Florida Atlantic

April 7

April 8
Penn State

April 9

April 10

April 11
Grand Valley State

April 15
Dixie State

April 16

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