New College Football Helmets to Reduce Concussions

Concussions have always been a serious issue in football and many skeptics have said that with today’s technology, it’s strange that helmets can’t help prevent head injuries. Well, now the sport is on it’s way to being more advanced in injury prevention.

The Arkansas Razorbacks will be using a new helmet designed to reduce the risk of concussions. Riddell has been a very popular sports brand for years and now they have created a Speedflex helmet that can disperse energy throughout the helmet and reduce the risk of head trauma.

Razorbacks head coach Bret Bielema tweeted a photo of a flyer promoting their new gear.

Bielema has been very vocal about his support of concussion prevention. He is also in favor of the proposed 10-second defensive substitution rule in college football. This rule may not be changed anytime soon since there is not enough research to make a rule change.

Some fans might not think the helmets are aesthetically pleasing but as stated by Bielema, “player safety is always priority number 1.”

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