NCAA Wants Athletes to Get Unlimited Food

According to CNN, the NCAA has proposed a new meal plan to allow athletes to get unlimited meals. This would mean that Division 1 schools would provide student athletes with the current meal plan that is covered in their scholarships, with the addition of whatever else they want.

This announcement may seem odd but it’s in response to a recent issue. The NCAA has announced this proposal after hearing that  Connecticut Huskies star, Shabazz Napier told a reporter that he sometimes goes to bed hungry because he can’t afford to pay for food. Even though his hunger problem may vanish after he is potentially drafted into the NBA, the NCAA wants to help others like him.

If this is approved by the Division 1 board of directors, student athletes would get three meals a day or a food stipend. This would apply to athletes with and without scholarships.

For more on this story visit: Steve Almasy, CNN