NCAA Reaches Settlement in Video Game Lawsuit


The NCAA has released a statement to announce that they have agreed to a settlement in the Electronic Arts video game lawsuit.

According to the statement, the settlement will award $20 million to certain Division 1 men’s basketball and football players who were enrolled at certain universities when the games were sold.

NCAA Chief Legal Officer Donald Remy said that since the games were no longer bein produced, the settlement was a good opportunity to put it behind them and give closure to the student-athletes who were affected.

Not all of the settlement details have been finalized just yet but it is clear that some current student-athletes will receive a monetary award from the settlement fund.

“Consistent with the terms of a court-approved settlement, the NCAA will allow a blanket eligibility waiver for any currently enrolled student-athletes who receive funds connected with the settlement. In no event do we consider this settlement pay for athletics performance,” Remy said.