Tuck’s Top 25 College Football Poll Week 1

My top complaint about the polls is that they are static to preseason thoughts.  In my opinion, that is why they fail.  A preseason poll is simply a guess at who voters believe are the 25 best teams.  History has shown us the voters aren’t necessarily great at guessing.  The AP preseason #1 has only won 4 of the last 33 titles.  USC started last year ranked first, and finished 7-6.  Of course, the Trojans in 2004 were the last team to prove voters correct.

And yes, it only gets worse from there.  So why stick to what you think if you’re a voter, instead of reacting to what happens?

Ya got me.  I don’t understand it.

So my poll swings wildly week to week for the first 6-8 weeks because it should.  Listen, I think Georgia is a top 25 team.  But I know half of the country is 1-0, and the Bulldogs aren’t.  So this early, why would I keep them ranked?  I don’t know if they’ll win a game yet.  I simply react to what happens.  If Georgia keeps winning, then they rise in the polls.  It’s pretty simple.  You can win and fall in the polls if you beat a weaker team, and you can lose (later in the year) to a great team and not have it effect you as much.

Nobody has a right to a spot in the polls.  When I do this, I don’t even look at my poll from last week.  I don’t look at the AP or coaches polls either.  I simply run down this week’s results, and then look at a team’s schedule to that point and determine what they’ve earned.  Sometimes a good win doesn’t look as good a few weeks later and sometimes a bad loss doesn’t look as bad.  It’s always adjusting.  I don’t care what a team has coming up…when those games happen, they will be judged.  I only go offer what I know now.

With that said, here is my debut top 25.

1. Clemson

2. LSU

3. Oregon

4. Alabama

5. Washington

6. Cincinnati

7. Michigan

8. FSU

9. Louisville

10. Northwestern

11. UCLA

12. Oklahoma State

13. Ole Miss

14. South Carolina

15. Texas

16. Florida

17. Texas A&M

18. Ohio State

19. Fresno State

20. Wisconsin

21. Virginia

22. Northern Illinois

23. Baylor

24. Maryland

25. Utah


– Again, I repeat, I don’t think Clemson is the best team in the nation, but I think they are most deserving of the top spot.

– Alabama.  On one hand, I wasn’t impressed.  On the other, 3 phases to the game, and they dominated 2 of them.

– It’s Jameis Winston’s world and we’re just living in it.

– Boise State hasn’t been beaten so soundly in a game since 2005 when they lost to Georgia and Fresno State each on the road by 48-13 and 27-7 counts.  Washington’s offense looked legit.

– Johnny Manziel got flagged for talking trash and pointing to the scoreboard.  It appears ESPN had their Tebow-replacement lightning rod lined up in Johnny Football.

– Targeting penalties resulted in 6 ejections in the first weekend.  Officials said there were 1 every 8 games a season ago without the new rules in place to punish.  With 75 games, the math adds up to 1 for every 12.5.  Better, but still some controversy over whether or not some of those calls were worthy of an ejection.

– Pretty sure you noticed that 8 FCS (I-AA) teams beat FBS (I-A) teams this week.  I am not a fan of these kind of games, but there is no question that more than a handful of FCS schools are qualified to beat their big brothers.

– I love football.  I don’t mind if a game runs long.  But when they all do?  Something is wrong here.  Too many games that were routinely going 3 and a half to 4 hours or longer.  If the NFL can wrap a game up in 3 hours, or 3 hours and 15 minutes, college football needs to pick up the pace.

– In case you missed it, these were my BCS Bowl Predictions for this year.