Tuck’s College Football Top 25 Week 3

What happened to the defenses in the SEC?  Wasn’t this the conference that mocked other high scores and said they couldn’t play defense anywhere but in the south?  We’ve now seen the last 3 major games in this conference go 32-28 (SEC Title Game), 41-30 Georgia over South Carolina, and 49-42 Alabama over Texas A&M.

With that said, its good to see the SEC offenses evolve, speeding up, spreading people out, and passing the football. The Tide earned the top spot this week with the most impressive win this season.  And as I said on twitter, I wouldn’t mind seeing a rematch.

1. Alabama (2-0)

2. Clemson (2-0)

3. Oregon (3-0)

4. Washington (2-0)

5. Mississippi (3-0)

6. LSU (3-0)

7. Texas Tech (3-0)

8. Auburn (3-0)

9. FSU (2-0)

10. Georgia Tech (2-0)

11. Michigan (3-0)

12. UCLA (2-0)

13. Oklahoma State (3-0)

14. Northwestern (3-0)

15. Miami (2-0)

16. Ohio State (3-0)

17. Stanford (2-0)

18. Baylor (2-0)

19. Oklahoma (3-0)

20. Georgia (1-1)

21. South Carolina (2-1)

22. Arizona State (2-0)

23. UCF (3-0)

24. Louisville (3-0)

25. Maryland (3-0)


– UCF got one of the biggest wins in their school history, knocking off Penn State on the road, 34-31.  We don’t know how the Lions season will end up, but this win is every bit the equal of the Alabama (3-8) and Georgia (6-7) wins.

– USF’s van got a flat tire in a week one loss to McNeese State.  It tipped over in the loss to Michigan State.  It’s now on fire after a 28-10 home loss to FAU.

– It’s too bad they don’t play FIU.  The Panthers lost to BCC this week 34-13.  Yikes.

– Jameis Winston is mortal, but barely.  The Noles QB now has 6 TD passes and 5 incompletions on the season.  FSU started slow, but cranked out a 62-7 home win over Nevada.

– Oregon spotted Tennessee 7 points early, much like the Seminoles, and then reeled off 59 points over a 33 minute span.  I don’t think they are missing Chip Kelly.

– The Tiger Bowl looks more interesting this week with Auburn and LSU both unbeaten.  QB Nick Marshall was very impressive for Auburn.

– Ohio State QB Kenny Guiton may be in the process of Wally Pip’ing injured starter Braxton Miller.  Filling in for a second straight week, Guiton looks the part of a big-time player going 21/32 and 276-4 TD in the win at Cal.  Urban Meyer even admitted Guiton could see time moving forward.

– Michigan avoided disaster against Akron, holding on for a 28-24 win. Key word there is avoided.

– Wisconsin suffered an almost indescribable defeat to Arizona State.  They were taking a knee to see up a game winning field goal attempt with 14 seconds left with the ball on the 13 yard line.  The quarterback bumped into his lineman moving the ball from the hash to the center of the field, and although it appears his knee hit the ground, he set the ball down, which looked confusing, and the Sun Devils defenders jumped on the ball.  The clock continued to roll, and even though the ref identified that the play was dead, he refused to spot the ball and allow the Badgers to snap it to spike it and stop the clock.  Time ran out.  There is no guarantee that the very average Badgers kicker makes a 31-yard attempt for the win, but it’s criminal the officials destroyed the opportunity.

– The Washington Huskies are pretty legit.  They blasted Boise State in week one, and then went on the road and beat up Illinois holding QB Nathan Scheelhaase to 9/25 passing a week after he tore up Cincinnati to the tune of 26/37 for 312-4 TD.  The Pac-12 won 3/4 against the Big 10 this weekend.

– Anyone that says that Texas A&M’s loss to Alabama took Johnny Manziel out of the running for the Heisman wasn’t watching the same game I was.  They are also the same people that have Braxton Miller, who has played 5 meaningless quarters all year, ahead of the reigning winner.

– Manziel made two errant throws.  Those were big, big plays.  But the Aggies lost because their defense couldn’t stop the Tide, and if they lose again it’s likely because they have a mediocre at best defense.  The Aggies offense scored more points (in a Tide win) and had more yards than any Alabama defense had EVER given up before.