Tuck’s College Football Top 25 Week 13

It’s time to hit the eject button.  It was reaching that point the moment the media and fan base started comparing Will Muschamp and Ron Zook.  Losing to Georgia Southern, at home, to drop your record to 4-7, and guarantee your first losing season in 33 years should seal the deal for the Gators coach.

Here is the case against Muschamp:

In 3 seasons, 2 will be losing seasons in the SEC, twice finishing 3-5.  Florida hadn’t had ONE losing record in conference since 1979.  Muschamp has 2 in 3 years.

The Gators hadn’t finished a regular season at .500 since 1987.  Muschamp did that in his first season.

Florida is about to have it’s worst record and first losing season since 1979.

The Gators lost to Vanderbilt for the first time since 1988.

Florida’s offense ranks 112th in scoring, averaging under 20 points per game.

Florida just lost to it’s first FCS (I-AA) opponent ever.  Georgia Southern, by the way, is 7-4 in the Southern Conference.  And in an interesting cross-comparison, they’ve suffered 19 season-ending injuries themselves.  So.  There’s that.

I was against the hiring of Will Muschamp from the beginning.  I thought a school of Florida’s caliber deserved an experienced, highly qualified, successful, and sought-after head coach.  The Gators managed a few narrow escapes a year ago, against both good and not good (Louisiana) competition.  The offense wasn’t very good, but an elite defense and victories masked those issues as best they could.  That 11-2 season is probably the only reason anyone is giving him a pass. Graduation and injuries have taken their toll this year without question, but it’s not just the losing, it’s also how they’re losing.  UGLY.  Embarrassing.  Lifeless.

It’s time to pay Will Muschamp to go away before you become Tennessee.  Is that what you want Gators fans?  You see how quickly Auburn got rid of Gene Chizik?  And that guy just won a BCS Title two years earlier!!!

Last year was the fluke.  2011 and 2013 are what you are getting.  Chalk it up as a loss and move on.  You’re the Florida Gators.  You deserve better.


UNBEATEN COUNT: 5.  Baylor goes down on the road. Injuries look to have caught up with them.  That and playing a real good team on the road. No America, they weren’t a fluke.  They just lost a game.

WINLESS COUNT: 4.  Southern Miss has lost 23 straight games.  Hawaii, Miami (OH), and Georgia State are also winless. . UConn overcame a 21-0 deficit and beat Temple on the road 28-21.  That is 1-10 Temple, that lost to Idaho and almost beat UCF.

1. Alabama (11-0)

2. FSU (11-0)

3. Missouri (10-1)

4. Auburn (10-1)

5. Ohio State (11-0)

6. Oklahoma State (10-1)

7. Baylor (10-1)

8. Clemson (10-1)

9. Stanford (9-2)

10. Arizona State (9-2)

11. Wisconsin (9-2)

12. Oregon (9-2)

13. South Carolina (9-2)

14. LSU (8-3)

15. UCLA (8-3)

16. Michigan State (10-1)

17. Texas A&M (8-3)

18. Oklahoma (9-2)

19.  Notre Dame (8-3)

20. USC (9-3)

21. UCF (9-1)

22. Duke (9-2)

23. Ole Miss (7-4)

24. Washington (7-4)

25. Fresno State (10-0)


– The Georgia Bulldogs nightmare season (Florida only wishes their nightmares were as cheery as the Bulldogs) continued with the biggest loss of all, all-everything QB Aaron Murray season-ending, career-ending ACL tear.  He’s been fun to watch the last 4 years and I wish him nothing but the best in his recovery.

– Two title games are set.  The Big Ten will have Ohio State-Michigan State and the Pac-12 will have Stanford-Arizona State.

– The SEC, ACC, MWC, MAC, and C-USA still need to be sorted out.

– The Alabama-Auburn winner take the West.  Missouri is the East winner with a win at home against Texas A&M, otherwise it goes to South Carolina.

– Duke is in with a win at suddenly (finally) frisky North Carolina.  Otherwise, it gets extremely messy.  Georgia Tech, Miami, and Virginia Tech are all still alive.

– Fresno State is in, and will play Utah State if they win, or Boise State if Utah State loses.

– Northern Illinois will play the Bowling Green-Buffalo winner.

– The East Carolina-Marshall winner will play the Rice-Tulane winner.  Talk about true semifinals and things just working out.

– Oklahoma State wins the Big XII with a win in Bedlam over Oklahoma.  Baylor wins with two wins and a Sooners win.  Texas wins with two wins and a Sooners win.

– UCF wins the American if they win against USF and at SMU.  Cincinnati will likely win if UCF loses a game and the Bearcats beat Louisville.  It would be up to the BCS standings.  Louisville would need a couple UCF losses and a win over Cincy.



I’ll be writing more about this later this week.

1. QB Jameis Winston, FSU

2. QB Johnny Manziel, Texas A&M

3. RB Andre Williams, Boston College

4. QB Bryce Petty, Baylor

5. QB Derek Carr, Fresno State

6. QB Jordan Lynch, Northern Illinois