Tuck’s College Football Top 25 Poll Week 5

Aaron Murray has been belittled for his win-loss record against top ten teams in his four years at Georgia.  He has been given every opportunity to address it early in this season.  Playing at Clemson, and home to both South Carolina and LSU, he’s gone 2-1 with those opportunities.  He is going to own many of the career passing marks in SEC history before this year is done.  It certainly doesn’t mean he’s the best quarterback in the history of the league, but it tells of his success.  Murray has been terrific in each of his last two tests, and even performed well in recent losses to Clemson and Alabama.  He’s lost in the SEC title game each of the last two seasons.  He is in great position to have another shot at it this year.  The question could become, will a one-loss SEC team have a chance to play for a national title?  That probably depends on what happens with the 20 other unbeatens.  It’s the final year of the BCS, and it would be fitting to go out with some kind of controversy.

UNBEATEN COUNT: 20. Notable that the SEC has just Bama and Mizzou left.  Pac-12 and ACC have 4 teams each.

WINLESS COUNT: 11.  And most of these teams look dreadful, and are lucky in some cases they play each other eventually.  The American and the MAC have three goose eggs each.

* A reminder than I rank based on what I’ve seen so far and who a team has played so far.  I’m not trying to predict the future.  Next week is when things really should get interesting and when the voters start screwing things up by forgetting who has beaten who.

1. Alabama (4-0)

2. Oregon (4-0)

3. Clemson (4-0)

4. Ohio State (5-0)

5. Washington (4-0)

6. Oklahoma (4-0)

7. Georgia (3-1)

8. Stanford (4-0)

9. UCLA (3-0)

10. Michigan (4-0)

11. Miami (4-0)

12. FSU (4-0)

13. Northwestern (4-0)

14. Texas Tech (4-0)

15. Fresno State (4-0)

16. Baylor (3-0)

17. LSU (4-1)

18.  Texas A&M (4-1)

19. South Carolina (3-1)

20. Maryland (4-0)

21. Louisville (4-0)

22. Northern Illinois (4-0)

23. Mississippi (3-1)

24. Arizona State (3-1)

25. Missouri (4-0)


– This was easily the best weekend of the season to date.

– FSU got off to another slow start, but Jameis Winston had a Heisman-esque type escape and hail mary throw before the half to give the Noles the lead at BC.  FSU might want to set their alarm clocks an hour earlier.  Unbeaten Maryland is next.

– I can’t believe how bad USF is.  Miami had back-ups in the game in the first half and third-stringers playing in the 3rd quarter.

– What a backdoor cover by UCF against South Carolina.  Almost a perfect storm for an upset for the Knights, but like has been their history, so close, yet so far away.

– USC rolled over and died in the desert in the second half.  Their defense basically quit, and that is finally why Lane Kiffin was fired as the coach.

– West Virginia produced the biggest upset of the season to date knocking off Big XII preseason favorite Oklahoma State 30-21.  The Cowboys explosive offense slept-walked most of the day.  They had the ball on the Mountaineers one yard line down 24-21, but fumbled, and then missed a 23-yard FG to tie.  It was all a sloppy mess after that.

– Hawaii is winless, but they came oh so close to pulling off the biggest comeback in college football history on Saturday against Fresno State.  They trailed 42-3 and rallied to 42-37 with a hail mary shot at the end.  Alas, Frank Reich and Maryland’s 35-point comeback against Miami is still the standard.

– Northern Illinois, last year’s BCS-buster, spanked Purdue, and remains the only other (Fresno St.) non-BCS unbeaten.  Navy was the third, but they got bounced by Western Kentucky.

– I’ve watched Oregon State twice since they lost their opener to Eastern Washington and I wonder how they lost that game now.  QB Sean Mannion has 21 TD on the season now.