Tuck’s College Football Poll Week 9

It is perfect that the Miami Hurricanes may once again be the biggest obstacle between Florida State and a shot at a national title.  That was the case quite often in the 80’s and the 90’s.  The Seminoles unbelievable run of 14 straight top 4 finishes serves as a reminder of how consistently great the Noles were, but how often one stumble kept them from being #1 in the country.

Wide right. Bobby Bowden probably still wakes up in cold sweats from nightmares that another dominant FSU team was denied victory off the foot of a kicker.

This weekend, in prime-time, Miami and FSU go at it like it used to be.  Kinda, sorta.  While it’s accurate that FSU is ranked third, and Miami seventh in the current BCS standings, they couldn’t be further apart in the eyes of Vegas.  The Seminoles are a three-touchdown favorite at home on Saturday night.

And based on the last couple of weeks, they should be.  FSU dominated Clemson and NC State while the Canes survived games at North Carolina and home to Wake Forest with last minute, long 4th-quarter touchdown drives.  The Canes have talent, but anyone watching can see two things:  The Noles are about year ahead in recruiting, and they have a Heisman Trophy contender playing quarterback.

It feels like old times though on some level.  Both sides are winning, and feeling great about where their programs are and are going.  So even though it seems the Hurricanes might be walking into the Lion’s den unarmed, they are at least walking in with purpose, sleeves rolled up, and ready to fight.  The Noles, well their march simply continues, and they are probably as (secretly) excited as anyone to see they get to go through an old friend (enemy) to prove they are back as the best team in the country.


UNBEATEN COUNT: 8.  Mizzou even in losing, what looked like a game they were going to win, I think they only continued to prove they aren’t a fluke.  Pretty much the same, on a lesser scale, for Texas Tech losing a shoot-out in Norman against the Sooners.

WINLESS COUNT: 5.  Western Michigan and New Mexico State got off the schnide!

1. Alabama (8-0)

2. FSU (7-0)

3. Oregon (8-0)

4. Ohio State (8-0)

5. Baylor (7-0)

6. Auburn (7-1)

7. Stanford (7-1)

8. Missouri (7-1)

9. Oklahoma (7-1)

10. Miami (7-0)

11. LSU (7-2)

12. South Carolina (6-2)

13. Clemson (7-1)

14.  Texas Tech (7-1)

15. Texas A&M (6-2)

16. Michigan (6-1)

17. Notre Dame (6-2)

18. Arizona State (5-2)

19. BYU (6-2)

20. Wisconsin (5-2)

21. Michigan State (7-1)

22. Ole Miss (5-3)

23. Fresno State (7-0)

24. Texas (5-2)

25. UCF (6-1)


– America’s best left little doubt.  Bama, FSU, Oregon, and Ohio State destroyed their competition.  Baylor scored their second fewest points this season, only 59 against Kansas.

– Virginia Tech’s offense cost itself a game, and hurt the ACC’s improving image a little with a 13-10 home loss to Duke.  It was the Blue Devil’s 6th win, and most incredibly their first win on the road against a ranked team since 1971!

– Think Duke having won 6 games already is surprising?  Well, considering they went bowling last year it’s not entirely stunning.  Minnesota is 6-2 which is a surprise.  But how about Tulane at 6-2!?!  The Wave have only won 15 games the last 5 seasons total.  UNLV deserves a nod as well at 5-3 after only capturing 16 wins the last 5 years.  Buffalo has already notched 6 wins too.  They have had just one winning season over the last decade.

– Penn State hasn’t lost a game as bad as they did this weekend to Ohio State (63-14) since 1899.

– Michigan State continues to be a hard team for me to put a finger on.  They are giving up a national-low 215 yards per game.  There are some teams that rack that up in the first quarter of games.  I’d just like to see them play some better competition to know how legit they actually are.  They host Michigan this week so we should get a better idea.

– D-III RB Octavias McKoy of Western Connecticut broke the NCAA all division record for most rushing yards in a game with 455.  He also scored 5 touchdowns on his 43 carry day.  In case you were wondering, LaDanian Tomlinson hold the I-A record with 406 yards in a game with TCU.

– Vanderbilt WR Jordan Matthews became the SEC’s all-time leading yardage receiver with a total that today sits at 3172.  He passed Georgia’s Terrance Edwards who had 3093.


1. QB Jameis Winson, FSU

2. QB Marcus Mariota, Oregon

3. QB Bryce Petty, Baylor

4. QB Johnny Maniel, Texas A&M

5. QB Jordan Lynch, Northern Illinois

6. DE Michael Sam, Missouri

7. WR Mike Evans, Texas A&M

8. RB Lache Seastrunk, Baylor

9. LB Anthony Barr, UCLA

10. RB Todd Gurley, Georgia