Tuck’s College Football Poll Week 8

It’s Jameis Winston’s world.  He has plenty of friends helping him though.  Jimbo Fisher’s recruiting seeds he planted are starting to bear fruit.  Perhaps no more impactful than Winston.  The young quarterback should be celebrated.  It’s great to see though that he gets it.  He knows he isn’t alone out there.  He knows how good his offensive line is.  He can see the diversity of his talented receiver group.  He turns around to see a fullback and 3 uniquely gifted tailbacks.  And he sits on the sidelines and watches with the rest of us a play-making group of defensive players.  Schools like FSU don’t say they are “back” until they win a title.  Let’s just say they are in the neighborhood.

UNBEATEN COUNT: 10.  Houston inevitable.  Louisville overrated, and shocked at home.  Clemson bushwhacked.  UCLA taken down on the road.

WINLESS COUNT: 7.  Temple beat Army to break through.

1. Alabama (7-0)

2. FSU (6-0)

3. Oregon (7-0)

4. Ohio State (7-0)

5. Missouri (7-0)

6. Baylor (6-0)

7. Auburn (6-1)

8. Stanford (6-1)

9. Texas Tech (7-0)

10. Miami (6-0)

11. UCLA (5-1)

12. Clemson (6-1)

13. Virginia Tech (6-1)

14. Oregon State (6-1)

15. Michigan (6-1)

16. Oklahoma (6-1)

17. Nebraska (5-1)

18. LSU (6-2)

19. Texas A&M (5-2)

20. Notre Dame (5-2)

21. Arizona State (5-2)

22. Wisconsin (5-2)

23. Fresno State (6-0)

24. South Carolina (5-2)

25. UCF (5-1)


– What an enormous win for UCF.  Congrats to the Knights on their big, gutsy comeback.  They are now favorites to win the AAC and go to a BCS Bowl game.

– That said, I told you Louisville was overrated.

– Even better, the dummies that vote in the Coaches and AP Polls still have the Cardinals ahead of the Knights despite losing a home game to them.  Way to pay attention guys.

– The Coaches must not have noticed Auburn winning at Texas A&M either.  Not only did the Tigers beat them, they also have a better record.  Nonetheless these bozo’s ranked the Aggies 15th and the Tigers 17th.

– What an insane weekend.  6 of the top 10 teams in the lose?!?!  The SEC is basically (barring unreal disaster) down to Mizzou and Alabama, and maybe one-loss Auburn to keep up their national title winning streak.  Everyone else in the conference now has at least two losses.

– Will Muschamp.  Seat is warming up.  Gators fans aren’t patient, nor should they accept this kind of pathetic offense.  One Gators fan I know called the coach Will Zook.

– In a weekend filled with upsets, count the Canes lucky to have avoided one in Chapel Hill.  Miami did everything you do when you want to lose a game, and still somehow won.  12 turnovers in 3 weeks is not a good look.  Stephen Morris is better than this, but if he doesn’t show it, Wake Forest will probably beat them this week ahead of the 8pm, Saturday night showdown with FSU in Tallahassee.  Of course, the NCAA will pass their judgement on the Canes tomorrow.  Almost surprising they didn’t wait until a day or two before the Noles game to ruin a good time.

– The rankings are getting a little tricky.  Maybe the biggest obstacle for me this week was figuring out the BYU-Texas-Oklahoma triangle.  I left the first two unranked with two losses each.  The Sooners are in there with one loss, but they shouldn’t be comfortable.  Notably absent perhaps are Oklahoma State and Michigan State.  I am waiting for them to play somebody to get a better idea if they belong.  The further we get away from the Beavers last-second upset home loss to FCS power Eastern Washington, the more I judge them on what they’ve been doing since.  But if they can’t cut the mustard against the top teams in their division they won’t last long.


Next week.  I think you know some of the guys that will make the top ten.  And we will narrow it down every week after that.