Tuck: Where Are The College Football Upsets?

Blowouts?  Check.  Close calls?  Check.  Storming the field?  Still waiting.  This year in college football has followed the script.  And that never is supposed to happen.

Only 3 preseason top ten teams have lost.  Wait, it’s not as good as it sounds.  Clemson beat Georgia, and Georgia beat South Carolina.  They all began the year in the top ten so something had to give.  Florida started out tenth and lost to unranked Miami.  But the Canes are 5-0 now and hosted the Gators.  Not exactly Earth-moving, even when it happened.

The biggest upset to this point in the year was #13 Oklahoma State losing on the road to West Virginia.  That certainly qualifies as a surprise, but it didn’t exactly lead SportsCenter.

Notre Dame has lost twice, but each time to top 20 teams.  Texas has been exposed, but that’s what it felt like, like they were simply overrated not that they were upset.  Boise State lost the opening weekend at Washington, but that hardly qualifies.  Others that have lost that were preseason ranked lost to other ranked teams.

Two exceptions being USC and Oregon State, 24th and 25th respectively.  Both could be considered upset I think losing home games to Washington State and Eastern Washington.  But come on, we’re talking about the bottom of the polls.

We still have 17 unbeaten teams, and most that have 1-loss that are considered great teams have the loss because they lost to another great team.  We just haven’t seen that storm the field moment yet in college football this season.  We almost had it in Tennessee with the Vols so very close to knocking off Georgia.  Northwestern and Washington also just had Ohio State and Stanford on the ropes, and those would have been upsets, but considering all the parties involved were unbeaten, they wouldn’t have qualified as shocking by any means.

So, is this the week?

They’ll be opportunities, I know that.

Oregon goes to Washington.  Stanford travels to frisky Utah.  Mizzou takes on a beaten-up Bulldogs team.  Texas A&M nearly lost at Ole Miss last year and are back again.  Texas, well, rivalry games can be tricky right?  They play OU of course.  South Carolina snapped a 3-game losing streak against Arkansas last year, can the Hogs beat the Cocks again?  Florida has just one loss, but a win in Death Valley would count.  Baylor goes to K-State as the Wildcats look for payback for their only regular season loss a season ago.  Michigan is unbeaten, but at Happy Valley against the Lions.

9 of the 16 games this weekend involving the top 25 could be ripe for upsets.  The law of averages suggest we are due for at least a couple this weekend after a year of status quo.