Tuck: SEC AD’s Don’t See The Big Picture With Football Scheduling

The SEC apparently is unwilling to give fans one more good game in football.  They are refusing to expand to a 9-game conference schedule even though the league is bloated to the point where you only get to play certain teams at home once every twelve years.  

“The ADs will not change their votes,” Alleva said, according to The Advocate. “The only hope for change is for the (SEC) presidents to realize it’s not an equitable schedule. They have to have the foresight and wisdom to change it.”

Gator fans looking forward to playing Alabama at home?  That will happen once in 12 years under the current format.

Why do they refuse to change, even when every other conference in America plays 9-conference games?  MONEY.

Can’t lose that extra home game.  Can’t risk that BCS bowl bid.  Can’t lose that bowl game.

“That means seven more losses for certain teams,” Alleva said.  Seven losses in a 12-game schedule means a school would be ineligible for postseason play with a losing record.  No bowl game means no bowl payout for the school and the conference.

Never mind that this has existed for the Pac-10/12 for years.  The Big XII plays a round-robin with a ten team league.  The Big Ten will play 9.  The ACC now has Notre Dame part-time and is looking at how to expand from 8 conference games while including them.

I think it sends a terrible message that the “best” conference in college football is afraid to give the “best” fans in college football a good game for fear they could lose it, and would rather play Cupcake State at home to ensure their mediocre teams get to 6-6, and their great teams don’t risk going from 11-1 to 10-2.

There has always been, and probably always will be so much inequity in college football, but the refusal of the SEC to do what is in the best interest in the sport; for the fans, and for the TV networks strikes of arrogance and ignorance.