Tuck: College Football Fun Facts

Bowl projections: The SEC, Big Ten, American, and Big XII are all short of their allotted number right now.

The Big Ten is two teams short right now.  Northwestern or Indiana can get there, but each need to win both of their final two games.  Penn State is ineligible.

The Big XII will fall short of their 7.

The SEC could have Mississippi State, Florida, or Tennessee become eligible, but all need two wins.

The American has Rutgers one win short and SMU currently two wins short.  Memphis needs to win 3 straight.

The ACC has filled it’s 8 spots, and still may get Syracuse, North Carolina, Wake Forest, and/or Pittsburgh eligible.

The Pac-12 has filled it’s 8 spots, and still has Washington State and Utah who can get in.


Better than you think?

8-2 Texas A&M lost to Alabama and Auburn, each at home, each close.  Combined 20-1.

8-2 Wisconsin lost to Ohio State and Arizona State, each on the road, each close.  Combined 18-2.

7-3 Ole Miss lost to Alabama, Auburn, and Texas A&M, the first 2 on the road.  Combined 28-3.

6-4 Iowa has lost to Ohio State, Northern Illinois, Michigan State, and Wisconsin.  Combined 37-3.

6-4 Washington has lost to Stanford, Oregon, UCLA, and Arizona State.  Combined 33-7.

6-4 Georgia has lost to 3 one-loss teams: Clemson, Missouri, and Auburn.


Can you believe?

The only major conference guaranteed a new champion at this point is the Big XII (K-State last year).

Florida and LSU may each finish 5th in their respective divisions.

The Gators haven’t had a losing season since 1979.

Louisville has beaten only one bowl eligible team, Houston, last week, at home, by 7.

Purdue and Cal haven’t beaten a I-A team this year.

Unfortunately Ohio State had to play both this year.

They have won 22 in a row though.

16 teams are winless in conference so far, including 3 Big Ten teams.

Illinios has lost 20 straight conference games.  They play at Purdue this week.

The Boilermakers, Buffalo, and San Diego State  have each lost 2 games to unbeaten teams.  (N. Illinois/Ohio State and Baylor/Ohio State and Ohio State/Fresno State).

Kent State has already finished their season?  4-8.  Nobody else in the country will finish until next weekend (Thanksgiving) at the earliest.

The Iron Bowl will decide the SEC West for the first time ever.

Auburn’s 6-win improvement is the biggest turnaround in conference in SEC history.

Alabama has won 14 straight games and 18 straight road/neutral site games.