Tuck: Cold November Rain

We enter the month of November with 6 BCS schools still without a defeat.  That is the biggest number we’ve had since 2002 when there were 7 schools.

It’s only 5 weeks, but it’s incredible how difficult it has proven to be to make it through this month without slipping up.  Every year we think we have it figured out, and then BOOM!, the entire outlook changes.  Upsets happen.  Conference games are tricky like that.  I don’t include those landmines below, so keep that in mind that the losses could come from anywhere and often times do.

These are the BIG games we have on the agenda that could shake up the BCS Title race.  Some directly, some indirectly either changing future opponents or effecting long-shots.

Keep in mind, in BCS history, the lowest a team has come from the initial BCS standings to play in the championship game was 12th.

That means we are looking at Alabama, FSU, Oregon, Ohio State, Missouri, Stanford, Miami, Baylor, Clemson, Texas Tech, Auburn, and UCLA for the two teams this year.

The lowest team to ever do it was LSU in 2003.  Oddly, the Tigers were 13th in the first poll this year.


Week 10- Miami @ FSU, Michigan @ Michigan State, Oklahoma State @ Texas Tech

Week 11- Oklahoma @ Baylor, Oregon @ Stanford, LSU @ Alabama, Virginia Tech @ Miami, Nebraska @ Michigan

Week 12- Texas Tech @ Baylor, Georgia @ Auburn, Oklahoma State @ Texas, Stanford @ USC

Week 13- Baylor @ Oklahoma State, Oregon @ Arizona, Missouri @ Ole Miss, Texas A&M @ LSU

Week 14- Oregon State @ Oregon, Alabama @ Auburn, Ohio State @ Michigan, FSU @ Florida, Notre Dame @ Stanford, Texas A&M @ Missouri, Clemson @ South Carolina


Only 3 times in the BCS era did we have more than 2 unbeaten teams at the end of the regular season. Only twice did we finish with 3 BCS schools unblemished.

In 2004, we had 3 undefeated teams with Auburn being left out as USC beat OU in the Orange Bowl.  In 2009 we finished the regular season with 5 perfect records, but 2 (Boise State and TCU) were from non-BCS conferences.  Cincinnati lost to Florida in the Sugar Bowl while Alabama beat Texas in the Rose.  In 2010 we had 3, but TCU, the non-BCS school, was left out without much debate as Auburn knocked off Oregon.

We currently have 8 unbeatens (non-BCS Northern Illinois and Fresno State).  History says it won’t stay that way for much longer in this month.