Tuck: Best Non-Conference College Football Games in 2014

College football season is just over a month away.  One of my favorite things every year is looking at the best non-conference college football games.  They are just unique matchups typically reserved for bowl games.  They also often provide a gauge on how conferences compare at the top.

There are the normal non-conference games, the traditional ones that are always fun. I don’t want to not acknowledge FSU-Florida, South Carolina-Clemson, USC-Notre Dame, Michigan-Notre Dame, Michigan State-Notre Dame, Georgia-Georgia Tech, Army-Navy, Iowa-Iowa State, and Kentucky-Louisville.  Those games are always great, and with the Irish ending games with the Wolverines you know that will be a special game.

But here are the top 25 non-conference games you don’t see much, and can get excited about in 2014.

25. BYU at UCF (Oct 9)

24. Minnesota at TCU (Sept 13)

23. Utah at Michigan (Sept 20)

22. Arkansas at Texas Tech (Sept 13)

21. Iowa at Pittsburgh (Sept 20)

20. Notre Dame at Arizona State (Nov 8)

19. UCF at Missouri (Sept 13)

18. North Carolina at Notre Dame (Oct 11)

17.Cincinnati at Ohio State (Sept 27)

16. BYU at Texas (Sept 6)

15. Alabama vs. West Virginia at Atlanta (Aug 30)

14. Louisville at Notre Dame (Nov 22)

13. Boise State vs. Ole Miss at Atlanta (Aug 28)

12. Stanford at Notre Dame (Oct 4)

11. UCF vs. Penn State at Dublin, Ireland (Aug 30)

10. Florida State vs. Oklahoma State at Arlington (Aug 30)

9. Clemson at Georgia (Aug 30)

8. Virginia Tech at Ohio State (Sept 6)

7. Tennessee at Oklahoma (Sept 13)

6. Auburn at Kansas State (Sept 18)

5. Miami at Nebraska (Sept 20)

4. LSU vs. Wisconsin at Houston (Aug 30)

3. Texas vs. UCLA at Arlington (Sept 13)

2. Notre Dame at Florida State (Oct 18)

1. Michigan State at Oregon (Sept 6)