Tuck: 2014 College Football Fun Facts And News

The 2014 college football season is fast-approaching.  As part of my preparation for the season I went searching and studying last year, previous seasons, and this year.  I think you’ll enjoy this.  These are some fun facts.


Up is down, and down is up.

In their last 20 games, the only SEC school with a better record than Vanderbilt (16-4) is Alabama (17-3).

Both Alabama and Ohio State enter the 2014 season on a losing streak.  The Tide had won 15 straight previous.  The Buckeyes 24 straight.  Both have lost 2 in a row entering the new year.

Other notable programs also entering the season on losing streaks: Wisconsin (2), Oklahoma State (2), Florida (7), Arkansas (9), Michigan (3), Cal (10), Purdue (10), Virginia (9), USF (6), TCU (2), and Texas (2).

Who has the longest losing streak in America?

Miami (OH) and Georgia State have each lost 16 in a row.

History in the making for the champs?

The longest winning streak entering 2014 belongs to FSU.  The Seminoles have won 16 straight.  If they can get to 30 (that would mean playing in the national championship game unbeaten), they’ll become just the second school in the last 40 years to win that many in a row.  The previous, and only other over that time, was Miami (34) from 2000-02.

Another one of note for the Noles.  Miami had winning streaks of 29 and 34 games snapped while playing in bowl games (Sugar and Fiesta) for the national title. Texas had won 30 straight before losing in the Cotton Bowl to Notre Dame with the national title on the line.

Duh?  Winning.

After FSU, who has the next longest winning streaks in America?  You ready for this???

Michigan State (10), UCF (9), South Carolina (6), Navy (5), UT-San Antonio (5)

Home sweet home.

Stanford, Northwestern, TCU, USF, and Cincinnati don’t play away from home until September 27th.  The Bearcats don’t play any game until September 12 though. How whack is 2 bye weeks to start the season???

Purdue doesn’t leave the state of Indiana until October 4.

Boston College doesn’t leave the state of Massachusetts until October 11.

TCU has them both beat though.  The Frogs don’t leave state of Texas until November 1!  And they only leave the state twice all season (at WVa, at Kansas).

On the road again when?  Notre Dame doesn’t play a true road game until October 18 at Florida State.  In fact, the Irish only play 3 true road games all season.

Only 4 TRUE road games all season: Alabama, Ole Miss, Georgia, Florida, Vanderbilt, Ohio State, Penn State, Wisconsin, Purdue, FSU, Oregon, Texas, Navy, and UConn.

Where’s the beef?  

It’s time to schedule up for the playoff, right?  Not so much.

Big 12– 10/30 non-conference games are against Power 5

Pac-12– 11/37 non-conference games are against Power 5

Big 10– 17/56 non-conference games are against Power 5

ACC- 17/56 non-conference games are against Power 5

SEC– 11/56 non-conference games are against Power 5

Where are they now?

6/14 ACC schools have played in the Big East before.

8/10 AAC schools used to play in Conference USA.

Only 5 of the 13 C-USA schools were playing there two years ago.

7 of the 11 members of the Sun Belt weren’t in the conference two seasons ago.

A stat to make Jerry O’Neill happy.

The only 3 schools that have never played a I-AA (FCS) team are USC, UCLA, and Notre Dame.

Want to go bowling?

5 of the 10 teams in the AAC have played 6 or less bowl games in their history.

4 of the 12 teams in C-USA have never won a bowl game.

Despite the relative youth of the conference, the Sun Belt surprisingly is a combined 11-6-1 in bowl games all-time. But 5 of the 11 teams have never played in a bowl game.

Which school has the best record over the last 4 seasons?

Oregon does.  The Ducks are 47-6.

Alabama is 46-7, Stanford is 46-8, and LSU is 44-9.

The only other school with less than 10 losses over that time?  Boise State.  The Broncos are 43-9.

Who has the most wins in college football the last 10 years?

You guessed it.  Boise State also has the most wins in the last decade.  112.

Oklahoma (105), Ohio State (104) and LSU (104) are the closest over the last ten years.

Who has the worst conference record of all the BCS teams in the last 5 years?

Kansas is 3-40 in the Big XII.

What 5 schools open up against the last team they played a season ago?

Miami-Louisville, USC-Fresno State, Kent-State-Ohio (The Bobcats played 2 more games, but the Flashes’ last game was vs. Ohio)

Youth Served With Heisman

A senior hasn’t won the award since 2006, QB Troy Smith, Ohio State.

Wolverines The Exceptions

A WR hasn’t won the award since 1991.  Desmond Howard won it that year for Michigan.  In fact, the only non-QB, non-RB winners in the last 25 years are Wolverines.  Charles Woodson is the only defensive player to ever win the Heisman, doing so in 1997.