Newest Weekly Everything Power Rankings

In this story and on The Charlie Bernstein Show, we answer the question, “who cares about mediocrity?” definitively as we say to hell with a 1-32 NFL Power Rankings, a standard 1-25 college football poll are anything else that’s become standard and mundane. We look only toward the best and worst.

NFL Top 5

1. Denver Broncos– Their offense looks like a video game and Peyton Manning has the cheat code. They put so much pressure on opposing offenses to “hold serve,” teams are forced into mistakes. They’re the best now, but let’s see how everything looks

2. New Orleans Saints-The Saints defense is better than anyone expected and they’re close to unbeatable at home. This week will be an interesting test against the Bears.

3. Seattle Seahawks– Richard Sherman grasped victory from the jaws of defeat as the Seahawks won a tough road game to keep pace with New Orleans. I wonder if the lack of a prolific passing attack will eventually catch up with the birds.

4. San Francisco 49ers– Colin Kaepernick bounced back from a poor couple of games and played well against the Rams. When he plays well the 49ers are unbeatable.

5. New England Patriots– The young wide receivers are getting better and that means trouble for anyone playing the Pats. Aqib Talib is finally showing the big time talent he has.

“Amateur” Football Top 5

1. Oregon– They can score on anyone and their defense is about as good as it’s ever been.

2. Alabama– I’m not convinced their victory over Ole Miss will prove to be all that impressive. They will still need to play better on offense to beat LSU.

3. Clemson– They scored 56 in a conference game and Tajh Boyd is living up to the hype.

4. Louisville– I can’t drop them on a bye week.

5. Stanford– These guys scored 55 on the road against a team that beat USC on the road. Pretty good.

Hottest Seats

1. Greg Schiano-At least the Bucs are atop the power rankings at something. This is the biggest mess in any pro sport in a very long time and Schiano is responsible.

2. Ron Rivera– Rivera has shown nothing that would make anyone believe he’s a good head coach in the NFL. He’s so bad that I can’t even judge Cam Newton fairly.

3. Dennis Allen– Moral victories won’t help him keep his job.

4. Tom Coughlin– How much equity does a pair of Super Bowl titles get you? We’re going to find out because the Giants haven’t been competitive for much of the season.

5. Leslie Frazier– It’s not his fault he has a bad quarterback but Frazier is a defensive guy and his defense is awful.

This Weekend’s Best Games

1. Saints vs. Bears– I’ll sign up for 4-0 vs. 3-1. This could be a playoff preview.

2. Seahawks vs. Colts– Great quarterback matchup, can the Seahawks win on the road for a second straight week?

3. Washington vs. Stanford– This is the best college game of the weekend and it’s a great measuring stick game for the Huskies.

4. Texans vs. 49ers– A couple of great defenses will knock heads on primetime.

5. Patriots vs. Bengals Let’s see how for real the Bengals actually are. This is a great opportunity for the Bengals to get another big home victory.

Game Day Snacks

1. Chicken Wings– So many flavors, so much goodness it goes with any sporting event.

2. Pizza– Similar to sex, even when it’s bad it’s still pretty good.

3. BBQ– If you don’t like ribs you’re no friend of mine.

4. Big Sandwiches– There’s something glorious about walking in somewhere with a 3′ or longer sub. It’s powerful.

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