Keys to the Matchup in College Station

Bama_TexasAM_2013What we know is Alabama should improve on offense over week one. Virginia Tech has what may be a top 10/15 level defense. Texas A&M? Not so much. The Aggies are 98th in yards allowed per play, after playing Rice and Sam Houston State. They rank 115th in yards allowed per carry. Being kind, their rebuilt defensive line has been unconvincing.

The mystery is whether Nick Saban, perhaps the sport’s greatest defensive mind, has figured out how to stop, or at least contain Manziel. Texas A&M shredded Nick Saban’s customary up tempo spread counter last year.

Alabama can overcome Manziel having an efficient passing day, running for nearly 100 yards and posting a few touchdowns. What they can’t do is beat themselves. There’s a reason Nick Saban had that game on repeat in the weight room, and it’s not (entirely) Johnny Manziel.

Source: Ty Duffy, thebiglead