I’ve Got The Power

As much as we love the 90’s hip-hop group “Snap,” we are actually talking about power rankings as I rank some of my favorite items in sports and life.

NFL Top 5

1. Denver Broncos– They won by 16 points and people are asking, “what’s wrong?” That’s a pretty good football team.

2. New Orleans Saints-The Saints did everything but win in Foxboro against the Patriots which likely made the entire Ryan family sick to their collective stomach’s. Rob will have a bye week to fine tune his athletic machines.

3. Seattle Seahawks– They dominated their game against Tennessee but didn’t put up a lot of points. I think they can beat anyone in the NFC with the exception of New Orleans on the road.

4. San Francisco 49ers– Colin Kaepernick seems to be getting more comfortable in Greg Roman’s new 2013 offense but the defense has some flaws without Aldon Smith.

5. New England Patriots– They have the best quarterback ever and an emerging running game. Just wait until those young receivers figure things out.

“Amateur” Football Top 5

1. Oregon– Their victory at Washington may have been the best win of anyone this season.

2. Alabama– Great football team but let’s wait until they play LSU, their only real test this season.

3. Clemson– Appeared to have got caught looking ahead to FSU, but still held on to beat B.C.

4. Louisville– Biggest game of the season is Friday vs. UCF.

5. Florida State– We will see exactly how good Jameis Winston is against a very good Clemson pass rush.


1. Marcus Mariota– Not only has he become the Heisman favorite but he might even be the top pick in the NFL Draft. Great leader, passer and runner and he has very good size.

2. Taj Boyd/Jameis Winston– These two candidates square off this week and the loser is likely out of the Heisman competition, even though it shouldn’t be that way.

3. John Football– He keeps putting up great numbers and leading his team to wins. Might be having a better year than last year.

This Weekend’s Best Games

1. FSU vs. Clemson– This is the best college game thus far.

2. Denver vs. Indianapolis– Peyton Manning vs. Jim Irsay (and the Colts). Should be fun.

3. Baltimore vs. Pittsburgh– I know that neither team is having the season they want but not that long ago this was the best rivalry in the NFL. It still means something.

4. USC vs. Notre Dame– Same as #3 but the college version.

5. UCLA vs. Stanford The Stanford loss takes some wind out of the sails but it’s still a quality matchup of two very good teams.


1. BBQ (bacon-wrapped)– If you haven’t had bacon-wrapped BBQ shrimp you’re simply missing out.

2. Jerk– Spicy enough to get your nose running and delightfully tasty at the same time.

3. Scampi– Classic dish. It may leave you with questionable breath but it’s still fantastic.

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