Drug Issues Found at Oklahoma State

OKST_2013Former Oklahoma State football players have said that the program was plagued by widespread drug use, that often there were dealers on the team and that the school helped keep stars eligible despite positive tests, according to Sports Illustrated’s latest installment on the Cowboys.

“Drugs were everywhere,” said Donnell Williams (linebacker 2006), who said he didn’t use drugs himself, according to SI.com.

In all 30 players told SI that they used marijuana when they were members of the Cowboys football team. Players told the publication that some teammates even used drugs before games.

“[Against] teams we knew we were going to roll, a couple of guys would get high,” said Calvin Mickens (cornerback 2005-07), according to SI. “Some of the guys [it] didn’t matter what game it was, they were going to get high.”

Three players admitted to SI that they dealt drugs in the 2001, 2004 and 2006 seasons, while other players said that some teammate was dealing drugs during seven other seasons.

Source:  ESPN