Charlie’s Hilarious Links Of The Day

As I scour the World Wide Web each morning in the hopes of finding additional knowledge and non-pornographic entertainment, I often find witty, creative writing on all types of sports websites. I’m now going to share three stories that I found especially entertaining.

Story #1- Translation Guide: College Football Recruiting Expert vs. Disgusting Pervert Who Should Be Castrated

Our friends at are always coming up with innovative, hilarious ideas and in the spirit of National Signing Day, they take a closer look at the so-called recruiting “experts” and compare their terminology with that of your basic pedophile. Enjoy.

Story #2- Facebook Still Hates the New Jaguars Logo

Alfie Crow, editor at SB Nation Tampa Bay and Big Cat sifted through the thousands of reader comments on the Jacksonville Jaguars official Facebook page and found the dumbest of the dumb. Mouth breathers beware as Crow tackles stupidity better than a Jaguars linebacker.

Story #3- An Essential Guide To Colin Kaepernick’s Kickass Tattoos

The San Francisco 49ers talented young quarterback Colin Kaepernick has become somewhat of a polarizing figure as fans sometimes judge the second-year star by his physical appearance instead of his thoughts, comments and actions. There was even a ridiculous story suggesting the former Nevada grad belonged in a prison. Since we like looking at picture more than we do “reading stuff,” Benny Johnson has a funny portrayal about Kaep’s tats.

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