Tuck: NCAA Tournament Fun Facts

Louisville hasn’t lost since February 9, in 5 OT at Notre Dame.

Missouri has 10 losses.  6 of them were by 3 points or less.  1 other was in overtime.

Duke went 18-1 with Ryan Kelly, and 9-4 without him.  Ryan Kelly is back and playing.

Gonzaga has the worst strength of schedule for a #1-seed ever.  The previous worst was 2004 Stanford…which lost in the 2nd round to Alabama that season.

#8-seed Pittsburgh, by the way, ranks 8th overall in Ken Pomeroy’s adjusted rankings.

Arizona started out the season 14-0 and were ranked 3rd in the polls.

Kansas lost 3 straight games in early February, but 4/5 losses were by 7 points or less.

Ohio State only lost to tournament teams this season.  But they were 8-7 against those teams.

Minnesota has only won 5 of their last 16 games.  Just so you know, 7 of the games were against non-tournament teams.  They still only went 3-4 in those games.

Syracuse was 15-1 when James Southerland was suspended.  They are only 7-6 since he returned.

Davidson has the longest winning streak in the country; 17 in a row.

Florida won all 26 of their games by double digits this year.

Michigan is a #4 seed?  They were never ranked below 7th all season until this week’s poll when they fell to 10th.


14 of the last 18 years at least one mid-major advanced to the Elite 8.

The past 10 champions have finished in the top 20 of KenPom’s offensive and defensive stats.  This year’s qualifiers: Louisville, Indiana, Gonzaga, Ohio State, Florida, and Pittsburgh.

Coaches with Final Four experience have won 12 of the last 13 championships.  That group of 19 includes (10 in the South region): Louisville, Duke, Michigan State, Ohio State, Kansas State, Miami, Butler, Indiana, Syracuse, Oklahoma, San Diego State, Georgetown, Florida, UCLA, Minnesota, VCU, Villanova, North Carolina, and Kansas.

Every Final Four team in the last 6 years has had at least an 8 game winning streak during the season.