Tuck: 4-Team Playoff Still Leaves Debate

College football and the BCS are complicated, but they really aren’t.  All this complaining about computers, but the people or polls actually make it very predictable.  We knew last week that Oregon and K-State controlled their destiny.  Now we know that Notre Dame and the SEC champ control theirs because the polls are easy to predict.

Now, a 4-team playoff that will come into existence in 2014?  That would be difficult to figure out today!

Notre Dame: Irish would clinch top seed with a win at USC, but if they lost, are they still in?

Alabama: Would be in with the SEC title, but could they sneak in if they lost to Georgia?

Georgia: Same thing, could they get in as a two-loss team?

Florida: The Gators could finish 11-1 if they beat FSU, but should they get in over a Bulldogs team they lost to and only picked up a second loss because they won the division over Florida?  Hmmm.  Now that is a good question!

FSU: Would the Noles be worthy in the eyes of the committee, if there was one, by winning the ACC and finishing 12-1 including a win over Florida?

Kansas State: Sure, they lost late, but a 11-1 Big XII champ would have to make it, right?  Now if they lost to Texas, that would create potentially a 3-way tie with Oklahoma and the Longhorns, so would a two-loss Big XII champ be included?

Oregon: Isn’t this funny, if Stanford beats UCLA this week, then even if the Ducks beat their rival Oregon State on the road, then should a non-conference champ with one-loss be included over a two-loss Stanford, who by the way beat the Ducks in Eugene?  I guess Alabama fans and pollsters would say yes, right???

Stanford: Should the Pac-12 champ get in?

UCLA: Ditto?

Clemson: Hey, they only have one loss and if they beat South Carolina to finish the year that’d be a strong statement.  Of course, they’d also be shut out of their conference title game like Florida.

That is 12 teams right there.  That doesn’t include Texas A&M, or LSU, or Oregon State, or South Carolina, or potential Big Ten champ Nebraska!

We only have 4 spots.  So if anyone tries to tell you that the BCS brings drama and we’d lose all this talk and debate and the regular season would be devalued, do me a favor: Tell them they are stupid and haven’t thought this through.

And don’t get me started on the regular season be somehow devalued.  Didn’t Alabama get eliminated last November and this November yet they are sitting #2 in the BCS still?  So much for the regular season counting.  Either that or they get mulligans in Tuscaloosa.

We’ll have plenty to talk about, and more in 2014.  Trust me.  By this time in 2014 we’ll be screaming for a 6 or 8 team playoff.


Unbeaten count: 2.  Bye-bye Ducks and Wildcats.  Think Ohio State is regretting not self-imposing a bowl ban last year when they were 6-6?!?!?

Winless count: 1. Southern Miss just missed winning, losing 34-33 to UTEP.  They’ll have one last crack at Memphis (3-8) this weekend.


My Top 25

1. Notre Dame
2. Ohio State
3. Kansas State
4. Alabama
5. FSU
6. Georgia
7. Florida
8. Stanford
9. Oregon
10. LSU
11. Texas A&M
12. Oregon State
13. UCLA
14. Clemson
15. Oklahoma
16. South Carolina
17. Texas
18. Nebraska
19. Kent State
20. Louisville
21. Rutgers
22. Arizona
23. Oklahoma State
24. USC
25. Washington

– Yes, I watched Kansas State get bushwhacked on the road to Baylor.  I also see where they have beaten 6 bowl-eligible teams, with another this week and two others that could get there before the year ends maxing out at 9.  Alabama has beaten 5, which includes Western Kentucky, and that will be it unless Ole Miss upsets Mississippi State.  Both are great, and both could be conference champs and would leave me with a tough decision in two weeks if that is what it comes to.

– And there is just no way I could put Georgia in the game over a 1-loss conference champ in Oregon or K-State if that is what it comes to.

– Can the Irish finish the deal this weekend at USC?  Only Max Wittek (who!?!) stands in their way.  In case you didn’t hear, QB Matt Barkley got hurt and is out.

– I guess the football monopoly is over in LA.  Impressive win, and season by the Bruins.  Will be interested in their game this week hosting Stanford.  A win means they go to Oregon (barring another Ducks loss).  A loss means they go to Stanford and play the Cardinal back-2-back weeks.

– I am so annoyed and angered that Miami self-imposed a bowl ban and these kids, who have fought hard and earned the right to play Duke for a shot at going to a conference title game, and have nothing to do with the trouble the program is in, won’t have that chance.  I will have to write more about this later.


1. QB Collin Klein, Kansas State- Sure he didn’t have a very good game, but who else would I put above him that hasn’t had a bad game?

2. QB Johnny Manziel, Texas A&M- Didn’t gain ground on Sam Houston State as much as Klein lost ground.

3. WR Marqise Lee, USC- Can’t hang the Trojans 4 losses on him.

4. QB Braxton Miller, Ohio State- Showcase game this week against Michigan.  If he plays well, he most certainly should be invited to NYC.

5. LB Manti Te’o, Notre Dame- His stock actually probably shot up slightly because of Oregon (Barner, Mariota) and K-State (Klein) losing.