Miami’s Al Golden Says Defense Improved The Most This Spring

During today’s ACC teleconference, Miami coach Al Golden talked about the excitement of finishing spring practices and preparing for the 2014 season.

What players are most improved from start of spring to end?

“Running back and tight end positions have made a lot of progress on the defensive side. We probably made the most progress in the secondary…”

What is the confidence level after the injury to Ryan [Williams]?

“High. We need to do a good job of keeping it simple and do what we do best…I think the two young men we have right now can do it and the two coming in will also have an opportunity to compete. Kevin finished ahead of Gray Crow in the spring…we’re not gonna change who we are and how we operate.”


What did you take away from spring as a whole?

“I think we improved a lot on our tackling on defense. I thought our tackling was good. I think we developed a depth that we need at certain positions–positions that jump out for me are the safety and linebacker positions. I think all of those guys improved from a depth standpoint…this group came to work everyday, they had good focus…they got down to business and got a lot done during the spring.”

What is your assessment of the receiver position?

“I think we’re making progress…we’re not there yet, but certainly I think there are 5 or 6 guys emerging that really could be a starter…I think those guys have done a good job.”

Golden also spoke in favor of playing nine games.

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