Miami QB Situation Unknown Due to Injury

Miami Ryan Williams

Miami’s Ryan Williams is expected to be starting quarterback this season, but due to a recent injury to his knee, it is unsure whether he will be able to be back this spring.

Late last week, Williams suffered a torn ACL during a spring scrimmage. It wasn’t until days later that the school released the following statement:

“Ryan Williams underwent knee surgery today by UM Athletics Medical Director Dr. Lee Kaplan at UHealth Sports Performance and Wellness Institute. He has already begun rehabilitation.”

Based on prior similar injuries, players have returned in October, at the earliest. Obviously every player heals differently but it seems that as of right now, the fall seems like a very predictable time table for his return.

Earlier this week, before Williams’ surgery, head coach Al Golden spoke about the situation.

“If [surgery] is in the immediate future, we’ll come up with a plan and we’ll get him rehabbed. In terms of what that means in July, August, September, I don’t know. The doctors are going to have to let us know and we’ll go from there. He’s going to go to work. No one is going to do it harder than he is.”

All we know is that if Williams  is out for the first part of the season, the starting job will most likely be passed along to Kevin Olsen.

Stand by, Hurricane fans.

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