Miami Ponzi Scheme Case Not Over Yet

Even though things in Miami have been shaping up and progressing positively, there has come to surface an issue with the lawyer that dealt with Miami’s legal issues involving Nevin Shapiro.

According to the Associated Press, Maria Elena Perez helped the NCAA during that case and now she is facing charges of ethics violations from the Florida Bar. The Bar is investigating to see if she was stealing money from the NCAA.

Perez represented Nevin Shapiro. In case you’re not familiar with the name, he was a former Miami booster who was convicted for creating a Ponzi scheme.

The NCAA ruled last year that because of this, Miami would have to remove nine football scholarships over the course of three years and the athletic department would be put on probation.

Shapiro is in federal prison for his Ponzi scheme that resulted in $930 million stolen, but it seems this case is not over yet.

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