Miami Players Want Union, Too

Clive Walford

It can almost be assumed that football players nationwide are paying close attention to the union movement initiated by Northwestern players. Being paid for playing is not one of the top priorities of the union movement right now, but it is a very popular topic of conversation.

According to The Miami Herald, Miami tight end Clive Walford said that it would be a smart move. He said he would be interested in starting a union at Miami if things go well for Northwestern players.

“Getting paid would be everyone’s desire.”

Walford’s statement could be an exaggeration and it definitely overlooks the overall mission of the union movement. But, if given an opportunity to be paid, no player would turn that down.

According to College Football Talk, Miami OG  Jon Feliciano says that what Northwestern started will have an effect on players everywhere. Currently, the union movement only affects private institutions. Since Miami is private, Miami football players could technically form their own union, too. But, it could be a long time before any other movements follow in Northwestern’s footsteps.

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