Miami Football Wants You to Attend Fewer Games

It’s no secret that the Miami Hurricanes have suffered from poor attendance in the past. Now, they have a new marketing strategy that has us scratching our heads.

Miami Hurricanes Ad

Their newest ad screams at you, saying, “Go to Fewer Games!” If you’re not sure what they’re getting at, read further. “Not many teams would tell you to go to fewer games.” Okay, we’re listening. “Most would try to push a full season package on you, even if that requires more money…we understand that a full season of tickets is not for everyone, and that’s OK.”

Now we get it. The Hurricanes want their fans to take it game-by-game, instead of their excuse being that they cannot afford a whole season of tickets.

Or maybe they just wanted to get people talking about their strange ad, in hopes that fans buy more tickets.

We’re not sure how this will work, but it seems they are just trying to cater to the fans.

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