“Da-U” Fan Comedy Jam

Another huge game for FSU brings forth another edition of “(insert losing team)Fan Comedy Jam.” This week, the Noles take on arch-rival Miami in a huge Top 10-College Gameday-nationally televised battle of unbeatens just like the old days – sort of. Who better to spout off at the mouth about this game than the experts from U-Nation. Get your popcorn ready. It’s a Cane thing, you wouldn’t understand. Clearly.

Our first entry is an epic tale of man’s struggle to find peace and balance in a world of turmoil and chaos. A pure masterpiece if I’ve ever seen one. The special effects are tremendous, as “LuvTheU32” seemingly snatches the flaming spear from the grip of mighty Chief Osceola and proceeds to – I’ve already said too much. Enjoy.


This next one is a real gem. I’m warning you ahead of time, put the headphones on or tell the kids to earmuff it, because our boy here is about to embark on the most entertaining 3-minute rampage of vulgarity you have ever seen. No doubt the recipient of a master’s degree in communication from one of those fancy Ivy League schools, this dude really brings it. The entire time I was watching this video, I was waiting to get shanked through my computer. You’ve been warned.


There are no words for whatever this is…..


And chances are you’ll be seeing a lot of this on Saturday night….


I’ll leave you with this…..



Next Up On 11/1: Plant The Spear: Miami Hurricanes