Just How Awesome Will the SEC Network Be?

SEC Network
There has been quite a lot of hype about the debut of the SEC Network and it’s pretty obvious that it will be awesome.

Recently, ESPN and Cox Communications announced that they have reached a deal to bring the SEC Network to Cox customers.

According to College Football Talk, SEC commissioner Mike Silve released a statement saying how important the addition of Cox is to the development of the network and it will bring millions more viewers.

This network has been years in the making and it’s taken so long to launch because they wanted to ensure that they do it the right way. Well, they sure have put plenty of thought and hard work into the launch and the payoff for them will be outstanding.

As of right now, the SEC Network is scheduled to give access to over 25 million customers. The Big Ten Network had 16 million the day it launched. That means the SEC Network  already has 10 million more subscribers on the the debut date alone.

Of course, we must mention that the Big Ten Network didn’t exactly have the best launch, so the Pac-12 Network was able to figure out kinks and work on the launch based on the Big Ten’s failures.

You can watch the SEC Network on Dish Network, AT&T U-Verse, Google Fiber, and other small providers.