Is State of Florida Producing Mediocre QBs?

It’s NFL Draft week and we’re covering all the latest surrounding the big day. One thing to notice about the draft prospects is that two top-ranked quarterbacks are from the state of Florida. Both have a chance to be drafted in the first round and possibly be top-ten picks as well.

Teddy Bridgewater played quarterback at Miami Northwestern in South Florida before becoming Louisville’s starter, and UCF’s Blake Bortles played for Oviedo High near Orlando. Both are fantastic offensive threats but how do they compare to quarterbacks from other states?

According to the Tampa Bay Times, only three Florida high school players have become first-round picks since the draft’s beginning in 1936–John Reaves, Daunte Culpepper, and Tim Tebow.

Florida ranks behind California (32) and Texas (18), but it seems like there should be more talent stemming from a strong college football state.

The Tampa Bay Times conducted a survey with recruiting experts to find out why Florida is so behind. According to their research, college coaches seem to recruit in California or Pennsylvania for quarterbacks. They come to Florida for speed and agility players.

Florida may have the quickness, but reports say that coaches salaries are lower compared to other states. This is a setback for Florida coaches especially because in Florida, coaches also teach. States like Texas contract coaches strictly for football and they get six-figure contracts…for high school!

We will soon find out if Florida will be represented well by our strong 2014 quarterback class.

For more on this story visit: Matt Baker, Tampa Bay Times