Iowa State Coach Irate Over Officiating

Iowa_State_2013Iowa State coach Paul Rhoads blasted Big 12 officiating on Thursday night after a Texas fumble at the goal line ended up being ruled down by contact.

Rhoads launched into a loud postgame rant about the game’s final moments, his voice rising to a yell as he explained his displeasure with the ruling that led to a 31-30 victory for Texas.

“I’ve got the privilege as the head coach of this football program to face my players, win or lose, and look them in the eye and (tell them) how proud I am of the work they put forth, the effort they gave,” Rhoads said. “And to make a play on the 1-yard line, with their backs against the wall — clear to everybody — and have it taken away from them … that’s hard to express.

Source: Max Olson,