Gators Fail to Fight Past Poor Discipline

They completely dumped the first half.

A rare big-play, an 83-yard pass from Tyler Murphy to Quinton Dunbar yielded no points.

The undisciplined play on the field eliminated any chance of completing a comeback.

These are the 2013 Florida Gators. And their leader, head coach Will Muschamp, added to the lack of discipline when he allegedly got into a verbal altercation with a Florida fan that gave him the finger.

Where do we start?

The first half, really the first three minutes of the game, were a complete disaster as the Gators made Todd Gurley look like the second coming of Herschel Walker. The Gators defensive line was once considered a major strength, possibly the best in the nation. They are now a bruised, beaten group that can no longer hold up for an entire game.

The 83-yard pass to Dunbar, the longest offensive play in the Muschamp era, was followed by an awful set of red-zone play calls including a head-scratching speed option to the short side on a 3rd and goal from the 10. It gained two yards. And to make matters worse, Solomon Patton gets a stupid personal foul call against him that turns a 25-yard field goal into a 40-yarder that was shanked.

To the Gators credit, after humiliating themselves in the first half they decided to throw caution to the wind and make it a brawl. Georgia, a program notorious for being soft in the 21st century, really didn’t know how to handle this newfound aggression from the Gators. And it worked for a while. The Gators got turnovers and turned them into points. The stagnant offense drew strength from the defense and started pushing Georgia off the ball.

Then Georgia got desperate, ahead 23-20 but feeling as if they were down by two scores, decided to go for a 4th and 1 on its own 39. It failed and Florida was surely going to take the lead in mere minutes but Neiron Ball removed his helmet in the field of play. That’s a penalty. The Gators had the ball and still had good field position but it’s principle of poor disciplined reared its ugly head again. Ball claimed the helmet was in an uncomfortable position and he had to remove it. Fair enough but still a bad play.

The Gators would eventually punt and Georgia, with 8:17 left on the clock would salt the game away by making four third downs, including the last one, which was aided by another personal foul – illegal hands to the face by Darious Cummings.

Muschamp seemed to blame it on history.

“It’s hard to see some of that, so whatever they call, they call,” he said. “The [Gators], we’ve led the SEC in penalties 20 of 24 (years), either first or second. That’s long before I got here.”

And it might be the reason Muschamp isn’t here’ much longer.