Winston’s Dad Says He Needs a Babysitter

Just because he’s 20 years old, doesn’t mean he’s a typical adult who can take care of himself. That’s what Jameis Winston’s dad says about his Heisman winning son.

Winston has had attention on him ever since he started the 2013 season with the Seminoles. Lately, that attention has been negative and his dad is speaking out. Antonor Winston told USA Today that his son is supposed to have more security around him constantly, to make sure he is safe.

“He’s supposed to have somebody around him 24/7. He a Heisman Trophy winner so (he’s) definitely not supposed to be by (himself).”

Winston is in college. We get that he will make mistakes and sometimes decide to behave in a way that may not be acceptable. However, he is an adult who is responsible for his own actions, whether he won the Heisman or not.

It’s not realistic for Winston or anyone in his family to expect the University to watch over him all the time. They have other things to worry about, like…playing football and practicing for the upcoming season. Jimbo Fisher shouldn’t have to call Jameis to remind him to pay for his groceries or brush his teeth before he goes to bed.

He will be in the spotlight for the rest of his life and the media will be watching his every move. It’s up to him to make sure those moves are suitable for a star football player.

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