Winston Tops 2015 Draft Board

Jameis Winston will start against Florida.

It’s a little early for these types of predictions, but we like to do it anyway. ESPN’s Mel Kiper Jr. likes doing it, too.

According to Kiper, Jameis Winston will go at the top spot in the 2015 NFL Draft. Out of the past three years, two of the predicted No. 1 players, actually went at No. 1. We don’t know if that will happen in this case, but we can predict it anyway.

The season hasn’t even begun yet so a lot can happen between now and the 2015 draft. But, Kiper expects his predictions to be pretty substantial.

Keep in mind, he has based his predictions off of players who are eligible to enter the draft.

Sitting at No. 1 is the famous Florida State QB Jameis Winston. He had a remarkable freshman season filled with an undefeated season, National Title trophy, Heisman Trophy, and free seafood (Sorry, I had to). Kiper, among others, anticipates him to perform even better in 2014.

He’ll be more mature on the field and he’ll be surrounded by a lot of talent. Will he mature enough to enter the draft next year? That is the big question.

But, aside from his antics off the field, Winston is one heck of a threat, when he’s suited up.

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