Tour of Florida State’s Renovated Football Facilities

Florida State News: New Facilities Unveiled

Since the 2013 football season ended Florida State’s team facilities have undergone a massive renovation. Pictures have been leaking out over twitter for the last few months, but today the nearly completed renovation was unveiled. The entire football facilities were renovated including the locker room, team meeting area and coaches’ offices. The new facilities are stock full of new era technology while also honoring the team’s history. In the locker room there are statuesrepresenting each former player who has had their jersey retired.

The most impressive part of the entire renovation may be the new lockers which were custom designed specifically for Florida State. Each locker has a ventilated compartment for the players to store their shoulder pads and shoes as well as a second ventilated compartment under the seat. Additionally every locker has its own permanently installed IPad. The IPad enables coaches to send personalized messages to players. They will also display practice and class schedules so players know where they need to be and enable players to watch game and practice film.

At the entrance to the coaches offices there are new displays for Florida State’s three Heisman trophies and three crystal balls. As well as a tribute to Kelvin Benjamin’s game winning catch in the National Championship game.

As part of honoring the tradition of the program, and luring in recruits, there is an emphasis on Florida State’s ability to get players drafted in the NFL. The jerseys of each former Seminole currently on an NFL roster line the hallway outside the assistant coaches’ offices.

The big winner in the renovation project might be Jimbo Fisher. His new office is massive and includes a balcony with a view of the football field.

The renovations are expected to be completely finished by Sunday, the day before practice starts. By: Brandon O’Connor