The Reynolds Report – 6/28

The Reynolds Report is your one-stop shop for Seminole football off-season news and tidbits. The Reynolds Report is aptly named after one of the greatest Seminoles of all-time, Mr. Burt Reynolds. Yes ladies and gents, the legend of the Bandit began in Tallahassee, where he carried the pigskin for the Noles and undoubtedly romanced his king’s bounty of FSU coeds.

Every Friday, in addition to FSU related news, The Reynolds Report will feature a tribute (pics, video clips, classic lines) to a classic Burt Reynolds character. (Spoiler Alert: 98% of the characters feature the iconic Burt mustache) You’re welcome.


Indoor Practice Facility Almost Complete

The brand new facility is on track to open by August 1, just in time for the Seminoles to begin fall camp. FSU Head Coach Jimbo Fisher pushed hard for the project, and thanks in large part to the Seminole Boosters his wish was granted. For years, FSU practices had to be cancelled or delayed due to lightning strikes or inclement weather. The Noles will still practice outdoors, using the heat and humidity for conditioning and will only head inside when needed. With the weather we have down here in Florida, I’m certain that the practice facility (officially named the Albert J Dunlap Athletic Training Facility) will be broken in rather quickly. The structure is extremely impressive, and I’m sure my $300 donation bought a single brick or a box of urinal cakes for the bathroom, but every little bit counts. FSU continues to be near the top of college football when it comes to facilities, and no doubt this brand-spanking new indoor practice facility will impress future Seminole recruits. (Not to mention that the “scenery” isn’t too bad, either)

Check out this video from the FSU Athletic Department highlighting the new IPF:

[youtube_sc url=”” autohide=”1″]

You can check out pics of the indoor practice facility here.


Burt Reynolds Character of the Week: Gator McClusky (White Lightning, Gator)

I’ll be honest – I had second thoughts about showcasing the fact that Burt Reynolds played a character named “Gator,” but the dude is such a booze running, womanizing bad-ass that there was no way I could  leave Gator McClusky off the list. As you’ll notice in the original movie trailer  from 1973, the iconic Reynolds mustache is absent in White Lightning. Don’t worry, the mustache appears and all but steals the show in the just as cool 1976 sequel, Gator. Enjoy, my friends.

[youtube_sc url=”″ autohide=”1″]

Best Quote of the Movie:

“Only two things in this world I’m scared of. Women…..and the Po-lice”