Survey Results: 92% Dislike New FSU Logo

FSU News: Fan’s overwhelmingly dislike the New FSU Logo

The New FSU logo was officially released in April. In the two months since it has received a largely negative response from fans. Yesterday a group of researches released the results from an online survey which asked people’s feelings towards the new logo. Participants were given the choice between the original logo, the new logo, and a third-party redesign created by FSU alumna Jodi Slade. Nearly 7,000 people participated in the study and the results are not good for FSU. Of the three choices the new logo finished a distant third with only 7.6% of participants choosing it. New FSU Logo The participants were broken down based upon their affiliation to FSU. The results held pretty consistent regardless of the group measured with the original logo ranking first and the new logo a distant third. New FSU logo

What do you think about the results? Are you a die-hard fan that can’t stand to see the old logo go?

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The complete survey results can be found here courtesy of Kerr & Downs research.