Should Winston Be Suspended For First FSU Football Game?

FSU_Jameis _Winston_2013
After Jameis Winston’s recent incident with the stolen crabs, many analysts are suggesting that Winston should be suspended from playing in Florida State’s first football game against Oklahoma State in the fall.

Another suspension? That doesn’t seem fair. Winston has been suspended from the baseball team, during the season, for his actions. He’s also being forced to do community service hours and he’s released an apology letter. That’s enough punishment.

CBS Sports columnist Gregg Doyel feels the same way. Doyel points out that Jameis has had quite a football career already at Florida State, but aside from that, he’s also had some run-ins with the law. Quite a few actually. He’s been accused of stealing soda from Burger King, participating in a BB gun battle and most famously, being involved in a rape scandal. None of these incidents ever resulted in arrests or charges against Winston.

Now, I’m not saying that he’s completely innocent of any wrongdoing. The point I’m making is that Winston is a college kid. He makes mistakes just like everyone else. Should he more behaved than just any normal college kid since he’s always in the spotlight? Yes. Should he, perhaps face strict punishment since he’s supposed to be a leader on campus? Of course. But don’t slam down the hammer for one mishap, just because of all the other “crimes” he’s committed.

What’s done is done. He stole the crabs. Now, he faces the consequences. He stole during the baseball season, not the football season. He pays his dues and moves on.

The bottom line is this: Jameis Winston must grow up and realize that stupid mistakes are costly. Not only can he harm himself, his future, his reputation, and that of his university, but his decisions also affect other people.

Once he screws his head on a little tighter, Winston will get back on track and focus on defending the Seminoles title as National Champions.