Report: Winston Not Charged, Teammates Facing Expulsion


According to a report by College Football Talk, Florida State University complied with Title IX by conducting an internal investigation of quarterback Jameis Winston after accusations that he had sexually abused another student in December 2012.

Deadspin also reported that FSU administrators investigated Winston and charged two of his teammates, defensive end Chris Casher and defensive back Ronald Darby, with violations of the school’s code of conduct. According to the report, Winston will not be charged.

It was reported that Winston was silent when asked a number of questions and plead the fifth when meeting with university officials. It was because of this that the meeting failed to yield any evidence to punish Winston. But, if more evidence arises later, the investigation could lead to future charges by the university.

According to College Football Talk, Winston was originally accused of raping a woman in December of 2012. Tallahassee police turned over all evidence and information to state authorities last fall and the state attorney’s office completed their investigation last December. They found no evidence to charge him with any crime, despite testimonies from Casher and Darby saying that they witnessed Winston having sex with the alleged victim.

The report says that Casher and Darby were charged with conduct of sexual nature that creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive environment for another person, as well as acts that invade the privacy of another person. Winston claims the sex was consensual.

Casher also faces charges of recording images without consent. Punishments have not been announced for either Casher or Darby yet, but each could face expulsion.

This means that Winston has been cleared by authorities and the university will not support any punishments for him. But, this will not go away. The more information that is released, the more it seems Winston’s reputation as a star football player will not be changing anytime soon.

Innocent until proven guilty, right?

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