Plant The Spear: Savannah State

vs. Savannah State (0-1) 6pm

Plant The Spear is a weekly column previewing the upcoming match-up for the Florida State Seminoles. Opponent strengths and weaknesses are discussed, a plan of attack is formed, and an honest prediction by yours truly is given.

      *Author’s Note*      Regardless of my membership with the Seminole Boosters, or my being an FSU fan since I was 10 (I’m 31 now), or the fact that my wife is finishing her master’s degree from Florida State, this is still a No Homer Zone. Always has been, always will be. I’m a college football fan above all else, and you-the fans, deserve a voice of the people. With all that being said…..Go Noles!


It’s no secret that Savannah State is a terrible football team. No disrespect, but they are probably the worst team to ever set foot in Doak Campbell Stadium. Nole fans have West Virginia to thank for this weekend’s match-up, as the Mountaineers backed out of a showdown in Tallahassee when they jumped ship to the Big XII. Last weekend, the Tigers were punished to the tune of 84-0 at the hands of the Oklahoma State Cowboys. This weekend, it will be much of the same. The Seminoles are favored in Vegas to win by 70.5 points, the largest spread in the history of college football. This week’s preview will be short and sweet, since the Tigers won’t present much of a challenge to the mighty Noles.


Against the Noles, Savannah State has no strengths. At all. Considering the fact that they went 1-11 last year, this year hasn’t started off any better. The Seminoles are too strong, too fast, and just too good for the Tigers. It’s like Tampa Plant High School playing against a sixth-grade football team. It won’t be pretty on Saturday.


Not being a funny guy here, but there are way too many to name. The Noles are distinctly better in every single category. The FSU third string would put a hurting on the Savannah State first stringers, which is what we’ll probably see on Saturday.


The big story of the week is whether or not FSU will cover the 70.5 point spread put out by Vegas. My guess is that they’ll probably be right around the 70-point range, but I’m not so sure they get to 84 like Oklahoma State did. Ideally, I’d like to see the starters play maybe a quarter, and then let the back-ups and walk-ons get some quality reps. The Noles are in no danger of losing this game, so I don’t see Coach Jimbo Fisher risking any starters to injury. Noles win easy: 73-0