Petition Started To Bring Back Old FSU Logo

FSU Logos

There’s been a huge backlash against the new Florida State logo that was leaked Wednesday night and now a petition has been started to change it back.

FSU Petition


This petition was created on and they need 1,500 signatures to get noticed by the university.

Those against this new logo, are being vocal about their feelings. One former FSU student-athlete posted her opinion on the petition page.

“This logo looks cartoonish in appearance, and is such a disgrace to the tradition and University that I have so much respect for. As a former student-athlete who represented the team on a National scale for four years, I am completely disappointed in Florida State for allowing this to be the image that we are known for. Our previous logo stood for so much, and embodies FSU. That logo was worn during countless examples of strength and success, and to change it just seems so wrong. Please re-think this!”

Fans and alumni opposed to the new look are quoting the famous phrase, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Hopefully, the appropriate Florida State staff members get the message.