Just Like Braxton Miller, What if FSU Were to Lose Winston?

With the recent season-ending injury of Ohio State’s beloved QB Braxton Miller, I can’t help but wonder what would happen if something similar happened at another top program. What would happen if something were to go wrong with Florida State’s Jameis Winston and back up Sean Maguire had to take the reins?

We already know what Winston is capable of, especially with the most threatening and aggressive offense in the country. We also know that Braxton Miller did really great things for the Buckeyes, too. His injury just goes to show how fragile championship contenders really are. This begs the question, would FSU be able to repeat this year without Winston?

It’s scary for Seminole fans to think about. Having a sophomore quarterback with less experience and no Heisman trophy leaves some uncertainty on the table. But, there is hope that FSU is better off this year than they were last year, if they need Maguire to step up.

Last year, Maguire was in no position to backup Winston and he knows it. He’s been quoted saying that he’s more confident this year than last and he knows what to expect when he gets on the field. But, there are still some unknowns for the Buckeyes as they try to fill the gap from Braxton Miller. As for the Seminoles, they’re crossing every finger and toe, hoping that Winston stays healthy.