Jimbo Fisher Speaks Highly of Team’s Depth

In today’s teleconference, Florida State football coach Jimbo Fisher spoke very highly of his team.

When asked about how the team compares to others, Jimbo says that he can’t speak about other teams, he can only speak on his own. Fisher also talked about the possibility of rule changes in the game. He said they’ve always done 20 hours and they’ve never gone over. If certain issues can be avoided for the players, he says it would be a positive thing. He did not speak in favor or against what is going on at Northwestern with the possibility of a union.

When asked about spring practice as a whole, he said he was satisfied.

“How they practice with the tenacity…I was very happy with the way we backended spring practice.”

Fisher spoke on the importance of Jameis Winston being at practice.

“It’s the same as last year. We knew he had to be here and he wants to be here. He’s our quarterback, that’s what he did the year before. He went to every practice.”