Jimbo Fisher Is Worried About Traditions


According to ESPN, Florida State Seminoles head coach Jimbo Fisher is concerned that the switch to the College Football Playoff will water down the tradition of bowl games. Fisher thinks traditions are important.

“When I was a child, I remember who won the Sugar Bowl, who won the Orange Bowl, who won the Cotton Bowl, who won the Rose Bowl,” Fisher said Tuesday. “It was a big deal to go. We act like that’s not a big deal now. That’s one of the great things you have in college football. We’re so involved in winning a championship that we’re forgetting the tradition and history of doing things.”

Fisher argues that the BCS was wrong all the time and that teams and fans will still fight over ranks.

“And how many times was the BCS ever wrong?” Fisher said. “How many times did they ever get it wrong at the end? We’ve still got the same problem. You’re going to argue over who’s four and five or who’s two and three. What’s the difference?”